Learning more from many people experience

Posted on 15 October 2009 by


Updating the news is important. Everyone needs news. By knowing the latest news, we will more easily with the times. While online news has not much appeared, there was the term “breakfast with a newspaper”. That is almost everyone. They do not want to miss the news. But now, online news service, has the advantage of faster update.

Beside to subscribe the local news service, I am also subscribe the news service from thoughts. Daily News published by thoughts is easy to navigate. There are various categories, like other news services. but the difference, thoughts spoil me with a summary of the most popular news is read by many people. For example Most Emailed, Most Viewed, Most Recommended, and Most Bookmarked. by the way, I can see directly the most popular and most interest news.

Thoughts has a daily news section where members discuss breaking news stories and participate in community news discussions. So, with Thoughts, I not only can share their thoughts with fellow members of the community, but also know the trends of community. With the thoughts I can also learn from the writings of many people. I could learn directly from many people experience.

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