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Blog is no longer be a mere trend, but more importantly, that of the self representation. anyone can write their opinions, notes, stories, and any expression, through blogs. As a representation of self, blogs became a media that can be used by everyone. Starting from famous people, such as artists, politicians, musicians, actors, professionals, even unemployment. There was even a company that started the blog as a media campaign.

However, as a blogger of course, we will choose a free blog service. Not only free, but it also has advantages, such as speed, space, and convenience. In addition, companies that provide free blogging will also be a determinant of whether or not someone blogging.

Usually people tend to choose a media company that provides free blog hosting facilities. As it is the belief that with blogging in the corporate media / news is quicker popular.

Okayblog.net is free blog hosting powered by thoughts(dot)com. We already know how the thoughts reputation as Internet news portals. Thoughts now provide free blogs to all those with known WordPress engine with extensive support forum.

If  you want to try, please register. Complete the registration process is quite short and feel the difference. For those of you who already have an account at thoughts, can directly activate this free blog service from your account menu.

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